Between The Lines

from About Time

There's a sound deep inside
And it feels just like thunder
Like the rushing of white water
And it's bursting in your head

There's a fist around your heart
And its grip is getting tighter
And the sweat upon your face is running
Burning in your eyes

There's no-one there to help you now
This time you're really on your own
And there's no-one there to show you how
You have to find...
Find your own way home

Caught in the spirit of the age
I rolled along the wave
Accomplice to the avarice
The master and the slave

I played my role so easily
Wore my costumes well
I slapped and stabbed backs of players
Playing the kiss-and-tell

And in this life of give and take
You know it's better to receive
And at the offer of an outstretched hand
I'll ask what can you do,
What can you for me?

Ambition take me by the hand
And guide me through the shifting sands
Lead me to that promised land
Where everyman's a king

Oh feet of clay, don't fail me now
There has to be a way somehow
Two steps forward, three steps back
Break my heart, an art attack!
Show me everything I lack
Things I lack

Seems to me it seems to be
The only way that finally
Tight-closed eyes would ever see
Cracks begin to show

Swim upstream against the tide
Choke on faith and swallow pride
To find a new self deep inside
That I don't know
I don't know

Pastors and priests will look after your soul
But only you can exercise your self-control
And there are people who make history
While most read history books
Whilst some attract admiring glances
Most are scared to look

And if, just by some miracle,
You see the light
I hope to God it's bright enough
To highlight wrong from right
And will the signs for "up" and "down"
Be clear enough to show?
And will we know the difference?
I don't know!
I don't know!

The games we played have passed away
Consigned to someone else's memory
Embrace the changes still to come
Exploring every possibility

No shame the glory days have gone
Farewell to broken dreams and chances missed
Farewell to shallow smiles and hollow hearts
And long-forgotten promises

And now it dawned I watched the sunrise
From the window of another day
I felt the shackles that had bound me
Heavy, lighten, break and fade away

And if the future is an open road
I think I've learned to read the signs
And if the future is an open book
I've learned to read between the lines
Between the lines
Between the lines

Simon Rogers - Guitars and Backing Vocals

Simon Rogers
Guitars and Backing Vocals