Upcoming Neo Deals Gigs

Upcoming Neo Deals Gigs

Whilst Howard is off recording his HAS-Retuned album, Si and Rich are doing a series of Neo Deals gigs - see the Neo Deals page for full details.

The first is a special event - Mark Colton from Credo's birthday bash at Riffs on Saturday, March 29th.

Tickets are ONLY 10 each and Mark says, "When you think how much you would expect to pay to see this billing at a traditional festival, I am sure you will agree how "fair" and "minimal" the price is'. I'm hopeful you will also come and buy lots of CDs and Shirts from the bands on the night!!!"

Tickets are selling VERY FAST and are available from Riffs, Holmes Music, the Swindon Tourist Information Centre.

Andy Rigler - Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Andy Rigler
Keyboards and Backing Vocals