[REDACTED] Artwork

For [REDACTED], released in November 2013 on F2, original artwork was commissioned from our friend Neil McChrystal and the first piece, "Shock", was used to create the "virtual" cover for our free download of Endless Silence. Rich Harding was the Art Director for the project overall, assisted by Karla-Louise Davidson, who had a big hand in the development of the lovely vinyl package, available from Plane Groovy, which really showcases Neil's great work.

The album page for [REDACTED] now has photos of the five pieces Neil has created, entitled, Shock, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

[REDACTED] - Shock [REDACTED] - Anger [REDACTED] - Bargaining [REDACTED] - Depression [REDACTED] - Acceptance
Graham Lane - Bass and Backing Vocals

Graham Lane
Bass and Backing Vocals