The Robin 2

Rich, The Peel

We had a brilliant evening at The Robin 2 on September 23rd, with Crimson Sky and Mr So & So. As Rich said elsewhere, three different but complementary bands, oodles of brilliant songs and memorable melodies, with the final score: Great Musicians 15, Egos 0, making a tight schedule work like clockwork. Glad that those of you who came along enjoyed it so much and sorry some of you who'd been looking forward to it couldn't make it due to the horrendous weather.

We debuted the opening track of [REDACTED] at The Robin, which you can see here, courtesy of Ian Hall.

We'll be playing with Mr So & So again on November 23rd at The Peel, Kingston - see the Live Dates page.

Simon Rogers - Guitars and Backing Vocals

Simon Rogers
Guitars and Backing Vocals