Album Launch Tour and Merch

We're back from a hectic few days travelling around playing and promoting the new album, Think Of The Children!, and it's been rather good fun. Thank you to everyone who's come and enjoyed the shows, bought the albums and our new merchandise - t-shirts and mugs. They'll all be available from this site shortly.

We seem to have made a few new friends and rest assured that we'll be cracking on with making more music soon. The new material seems to have gone down very well - and these four gigs have been the first where we've only played tracks from Differences As Light and Think Of The Children. That's not to say that we won't revisit some old favourites in the future, but it's good to know we now have well over an hour's worth of top notch recent music.

Those of you who've caught one of the shows will hopefully have enjoyed Reality Cheque as much as we've loved playing it, in its full format. The gaps at the beginning of Dead Reckoning have already become a bit of a running gag between Si and myself!

Simon Rogers - Guitars and Backing Vocals

Simon Rogers
Guitars and Backing Vocals