Progress Report - August 2011

The Cambridge Rock Festival set was very well appreciated, in particular the tracks from Think Of The Children and we made a bunch of new friends, whilst selling a stack of CDs.

Recording of the new album has continued apace, with most of the vocals now finished. As a taster, we've made available a desk recording of 1949 from The Fleece - click here! This is the one track whose lyrics were written entirely after Rich's accident, and deals with the strange between worlds feeling he had whilst in an enduced coma.

Don't forget that we're headlining a gig at The Louisiana in Bristol on August 25th, supported by our friends Dark Energy, and Howard Sinclair, where we may add to the three tracks from Think Of The Children that we currently have in the set.

The next gigs after that will be at the end of October, where we intend playing the album in full. More details to follow very shortly.