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The band have been overwhelmed with the response to Rich's accident - and we are so very grateful to all of you that have passed on your best wishes to us.

Naturally, the four of us have been anxiously waiting for news every day and it has been a miserable and uncertain time.

The future is uncertain still, but we do have a few things to say more about our 3rd album.

Before Rich's accident, the 5 of us worked on a new ideas and themes for Album 3 at rehearsals. A week before his accident, Rich put together a strong structure for this ideas to develop - as well as creating a whole load of new, exciting lyrics.

The 4 of us are now working on Rich's "design" and we now have over an hour of music to develop and record, and this is keeping us fresh and busy. It's going to be a wonderful album when completed - we can't wait for Rich to return to the fold and get his voice on CD again.

The band members are all busy in a range of different things - Simon has just returned from a cruise with the legendary Francis Dunnery - doing 2 acoustic shows. Simon will also be performing with Francis in Cumbria later this year - more details to follow.

Hopefully some more posts in the not-too-distant-future will come from our recovering singer!

Steve, 14/8/10

Graham Lane - Bass and Backing Vocals

Graham Lane
Bass and Backing Vocals